8 Awesome Songs From Gossip Girl

Best Music From Gossip Girl
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Last year, the hit television show Gossip Girl came to end after 6 seasons. Although Gossip Girl went drastically downhill after season 2 the show still retained it’s notoriety for fabulous fashion and amazing music.  I know someone of you are suffering from post GG blues so alas, here are the top 10 songs played in Gossip Girl.

1) Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John

We’ll start from the beginning. The pilot episode – the first song ever played on Gossip Girl when Serena was on a train back to Manhattan. Were it all begun.

When: Season 1 x Episode 1

2) When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney

This next song is from season 1 also and it’s a very fun pop/alternative song to just nod your head to. It was played in the second episode of Gossip Girl when Serena just left The Palace Hotel and was entering a cab and Dan just got there so he could wait for Serena in the reception.

When: Season 1 x Episode 2

3) The Ice Is Getting Thinner by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie music is a necessity for any show involving Josh Schwartz (he’s responsible for bringing Gossip Girl television). Teenage girls and avid Gossip Girl fans will weep as they remember this song. Yes, this was the song that played during Dan and Serena’s first breakup. The pair danced slowly as their relationship came to end.

When: Season 1 x Episode 18

4) All That I Want by The Weepies

This song is a Christmas favourite for all. It’s so merry and melancholy at the same time – it is beautiful. This song just makes you think of everything you love about Christmas – wrapping and opening presents, Christmas dinner, hot cocoa and all your favourite childhood Christmas memories.

This song played when the Waldorf’s were opening their presents and when Jenny and Dan realised their parents were not getting back together and of course, when the dreaded Bart Bass proposed for Lily van der Woodsen in the worst way possible while Rufus Humphrey confessed his love to Lily… in a voicemail. How romantic. Obviously, Lily has a type.

When: Season 1 x Episode 11

111gossipgirl1318 8 Awesome Songs From Gossip Girl

5) Happy Ending by Mika

Mika’s light vocals and soft piano playing helped create one of the greatest (and one of my favourite) Gossip Girl happy endings in season 1. Nate’s father. Drugs. Jenny. Dan. Vanessa. Foreign food. A conversation about Serena. That’s the ending pretty much summarised.

When: Season 1 x Episode 6

6) Video Games by Lana del Rey

This was the first time I heard a song by Lana del Rey and suffice to say I downloaded her album pretty soon after I heard it, so yes, I’m little biased but it’s frigging Lana del Rey and this song is perfect.

When: Season 5 x Episode 6

Gossip Girl CarefulX 8 Awesome Songs From Gossip Girl

7) Fell In Love Without You by Motion City Soundtrack

Chuck couldn’t say “I love you”, Derena were romancing on the beach and Motion City Soundtrack were playing. The good almost balances out the bad.

When: Season 2 x Episode 1

8) Stripper by Soho Girls

This is an obvious favourite for many people because this is the episode when Blair and Chuck’s romance began. Blair got up that stage and showed the world a different side of her… and I do mean a different side. Blair playfully (and drunkenly) danced on stage to this song in her underwear.

When: Season 1 x Episode 7

Gossip Girl Careful X 8 Awesome Songs From Gossip Girl



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