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All American Art All American by Hoodie Allen Review

Title: All American EP
Artist: Hoodie Allen
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 10th April 2012
Rating: 4/5

Strong commercial start to Hoodie Allen, this album topped the iTunes Top Albums chart at #1. Previously Hoodie Allen implied he didn’t want his fans to pay for music, a line from his song: “I be doing it for free, until I’m rich, God bless“. Nevertheless, Hoodie fans stayed loyal and this EP reach #10 in the Billboard charts.

All American seems very bare in comparison to Leap Year, his previous mixtape. Albeit he did use remixed track samples. But it still doesn’t have his usual upbeat spirit. However on his track No Interruption, he proved that he didn’t pop sounds to make a great track. Hoodie’s lyrics didn’t fail us as expected, he’s a lyrical genius and used to work for Google, and still appears to be raising the bar for rappers.


Track 2 – No Interruption: A lot of rappers nowadays rely on heavy beats to drown out their poor rap skills or a female singer to distract you with a catchy chorus, so it is always refreshing to listen to a rap song with a very simple beat in comparison to popular culture. This song’s use of the piano is mesmerising and when Hoodie starts rapping, you know this song is killer.

Track 5 – No Faith In Brooklyn (featuring Jhameel): Starts off with a strong chorus by Jhameel, who sounds remarkably like Mike Posner, and again with the piano. This song has a great tempo and Hoodie does excellent in complementing that with his flow. He even switches it up and sings a few lines in the first verse.

Solid album but definitely not his best work. If you want a real feel of his talent I recommend you download either Leap Year or Pep Rally (his mixtapes) for free. Still great work by an astonishingly talented rapper from New York.

What do you think of Hoodie Allen’s latest endeavour? Are you still hung on old Hoodie or you loving this?

HA All American All American by Hoodie Allen Review


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